ANZ Photobook Award


2012 Winners

Photobook of the Year 2012
Stoned in Kabul by Stephen Dupont

People's Choice Award 2012
Dear Toby  by Katie Kolenberg / heartstory



Commercial Category

Commercial Photobook of the Year 2012
Stoned in Kabul by Stephen Dupont


Drillsearch | Cooper Basin 2011 by Aran Anderson   

Swisse Photography by Thurtell Photography   

Buenos Aires Graffitti by Nadine Saacks Photography

Wedding Category 
Wedding Photobook of the Year 2012
Valentina & Cameron by Pages for Peggy



Fiona & Sandy by Wolfwerk Photography

Matt & Alice by ALMA photography  

Grant & Michelle by The Simple Things Studio

Dina & Phillip by Nadine Saacks Photography

Portrait Category

Portrait Photobook of the Year 2012
Why Am I A Marine? 
by Stephen Dupont


Axe Me Biggie by Stephen Dupont  
Life Underground by Sam Harris   

The Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project by Fier Institute | Dawne Fahey

Dear Toby by Katie Kolenberg / heartstory

Student Category

Student Photobook of the Year 2012
Out Of The Darkness & Into The Omo 
by Ben McRae



Engagement Party by Eleanor Maguire Photography

For A Pittance by Mine Konakci Photography   

Diamonds and Lead by Jaledo

Gentlemen Take Pictures by Adrian Mansueto

Travel Category 

Travel Photobook of the Year 2012
New York by Lidia D'Opera



Cast Adrift by Photo for Freedom | Tom Goldner, Dan Murray, Kate Rodrigues

Postcards From Cuba by Marc Burlace   

Istanbul and Eastern Turkey by Lidia D'Opera

Scotland by Everlook Photography

Landscape Category
Landscape Photobook of the Year 2012
Iceland by Everlook Photography


I s o l a t i o n by Marty Schoo Photography    

Trees For The Forest by Tasmania Photoart

The Small Things In Life by capturedbylaura

In The Beginning by Dianne & Kat Souphandavong

Portfolio Category
Portfolio of the Year 2012
​Belco Pride by Lee Grant



ALMA PHOTOGRAPHY by ALMA photography    

Benstamatic 3.029 by Benjamin Liew Photography   

WOLFWERK Portfolio 2011 by Wolfwerk Photography