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Finalists 2013

Citizen by Ingvar Kenne W I N N E R  & C A T E G O R Y   W I N N E R   P O R T R A I T
The World is Yours by Michael Kai -  R U N N E R  U P  &  C A T E G O R Y   W I N N E R   O P E N 
Ginger & Pearl by Dan O'Day  - C A T E G O R Y   W I N N E R   D O C U M E N T A R Y

Sicilia by Robert Cameriere - C A T E G O R Y   W I N N E R  T R A V E L
Interview With a Cockatoo (Or Two) by Leila Jeffreys - P E O P L E ' S  C H O I C E
Beards by Anya Grkovic   
Piksa Nuigini by Stephen Dupont
My First School by Andrea Francolini
The Postiche Collection by Julian Wolkenstein 
+  Perkal Brothers by Nadine Saacks
China And A Gold Chair In The Middle Of The Road by James Morgan
Cry Havoc by David Dare Parker  
+  There Is Something Definitely Queer About This Town by Danielle Pocock
At Water's Edge by Paul Blackmore
+  52 Suburbs by Louise Hawson
Black Ribbon And The Colour of Prayer by Peter Eastway 
+  Transcending Words by Everlook Photography
Oman - Under The Arabian Sun by Sarah Jenkins
Chasing Tjanongombe by Ben McRae 
+  Near Death + Imagined Landscape by Peter Whyte   

2013 Winners

Photobook of the Year 2013
Portrait Photobook of the Year 2013
Citizen by Ingvar Kenne

In Citizen you will meet a former prime minister,a prostitute, my wife, a nun, tribal dancers, famous actors, a now-dead friend, child sex offenders and more. Their titles are given as a way to catalogue and label. It certainly doesn’t sum up all that they are. The portraits are of a broad mix of people I came across over the course of the last 15 years. Many encounters were random; others were the result of a commission. None of the people were actively sought out by me. The series Citizen is simply a collection of images.

Design: Marcus Piper
Text: Mark Mordue, Andrew Sayers, Carla D. Stang Publisher: Au.Thentic Press

Photobook of the Year 2013 - Runner Up
Commercial Photobook of the Year 2013
The World is Yours by Michael Kai

Captured over a period of ten years' work and travel, the images in this collection combine the characteristic precision, clean lines and bold colours of Michael's professional work with an offbeat, quirky sensibility and the spontaneity of documentary photography. Echoing Rene Magritte, the images are framed and presented in groups of four. The viewer is invited to explore photographs rather than interpret them, to uncover their stories and shared themes, and to take a fresh perspective on the everyday.

Design: Micha Kumpf
Printer: Momento Pro

People's Choice Award
Interview With a Cockatoo (Or Two)
by Leila Jeffreys

Interview With A Cockatoo (Or Two) is a portrait book of Wild Australian Native Cockatoos photographed over two years. The Cockatoos all show wonderful characters and expressions. I imagined what it would be like to 'Interview' The Cockatoos. It's a playful notion that the cockies can't speak our language so instead they answer each question with their expression, body language and markings. It is ultimately a format to celebrate these beautiful birds while also using our imagination to think how they would respond to the interview.

Retouching: Jacob Ring
Design: Todd Sheldrick
Text: James Roden
Printer: Momento Pro


2013 Finalists

Beards by Anya Grkovic
Anya Grkovic


Beards is a photographic exploration of the bearded and beautiful through the use of portraiture. The inspiration for this idea came from my Dad who has sported a beard since before my existance. As beards grow into more of a fad these days, I wanted to look into what beards mean to men through an artistic way. With this project I really wanted to inspire a positive appreciation for the bearded through using my skills as a photographer and my passion for creating a meaningful body of work.

Design: Anya Grkovic
Printer: Momento Pro

Piksa Nuigini by Stephen Dupont


Piksa Nuigini is a book featuring contemporary portraits of Papuans revealing the culture, custom and modern day changes. I used white and black bed sheets to create an outdoor studio that not only captures my sitter but also allows me to reveal the audience gathering and the environment around the sheet. This is meant to give the viewer a real sense of place and time. You feel as if you are on the streets of Mt Hagen or in a Sepik village. Had I used the backdrop in a conventional way, to isolate a person or people, you'd have the impression that they were taken anywhere -- New York, Sydney, or in a studio.

Design: Stephen Dupont
Retouching: Shayne Pearce
Printer: Momento Pro

My First School by Andrea Francolini

My First School is a trust which aims to promote education in Gilgit-Baltistan (northern Pakistan). All portraits have been taken in schools which My First School has help since 2010. With the funds raised My First School supplies furniture, plumbing, electricity, running water or any other need the school may request depending on the funds raised. Andrea Francolini, founder of My First School personally goes on location once a year to pay for the goods ordered through his guide Saeed Khan and then documents and assists all deliveries.

Retouching: Shayne Pearce
Design: Andrea Francolini
Printer: Momento Pro

The Postiche Collection by Julian Wolkenstein

The beard - male, strong and proud. An inherent part of male character and a prominent feature in any portrait. Patchwork quilting - a most feminine art. To bring to life an unusual portrait series, a complete historical subculture was manufactured around the subject matter of Postichery (the creation and adorning of fabric beards), complete with individual back stories for each artifact, which was presented as an historical collection for the Museum of Helsinki in the form of a museum brochure, entitled, The Museum of Helsinki Lufthansa Postiche Collection.

Design: Hampus Jageland
Text: Paul Sharp

Documentary Photoboook of the Year 2013
Ginger & Pearl by Dan O'Day

Ginger and Pearl have been living in the same house in Canberra, Australia for over 65 years. Ginger and Pearl are from a working class generation. Ginger spends most his days restoring old wooden furniture (his varnish stained hands tell the story of many a happy piece of furniture that has left the shed), Pearl is nearly blind but spends her days working in the garden and feeding mince meat to the kookaburras and magpies that sit on her clothes line each day.

Design: Todd Gregory
Printer: Momento Pro

Perkal Brothers by Nadine Saacks

A story of two brothers separated during the Holocaust who thought each other dead. Morris escaped to Russia where he was a boot maker for 6 years. Adam hid in Germany until he was captured by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. He was imprisoned until 1945 when the camp was liberated by the Americans. Both brothers arrived in Australia within two years of each other and reconnected by chance after almost a decade of separation. They opened a boot shop together and have been inseparable ever since. The brothers have been making boots together for 62 years.

Design and retouching: Monika Yuliana
Printer: Momento Pro


China And A Gold Chair In The Middle Of The Road by James Morgan

This book explores the process of change, which is so evident in Melbourne's Chinese sister city, Tianjin. Morgan's portraits invoke the inevitable contradictions that arise between industrial and traditional China; illustrating the story of a city in flux by capturing images of both its people and landscape. His pictures allude to narratives, provoking curious speculations that make this body of work both sustainable and alluring. These photographs, Morgan's true medium of communication, have a natural informality that seems to have been drawn from the people of Tianjin.

Design: Nicholas Cary @ Thought Assembly
Printer: Press Print

Cry Havoc by David Dare Parker

My work in Indonesia is a perfect example of the type of project I like to take on, stories within stories that come together to form a body of work. During the past decade I have covered the Archipelago's extremes of poverty and wealth, corruption, tensions, the ethnic and cultural diversity of its people and historic events, such as the fall of the Suharto regime after 32 years in power and the re-birth of a nation with East Timor bravely voting for its independence. Cry Havoc represents a large part of that work.

Design: David Dare Parker
Printer: Momento Pro

There Is Something Definitely Queer About This Town by Danielle Pocock

In a country where one third of the population sees homosexuality as immoral, Queensland is seen as the most homophobic state. There Is Something Definitely Queer About This Town is a typology of 14 members of the LGBTQI community; their stories, and what it feels like to be queer in Brisbane in 2012. Each person's story has three parts; a photographic portrait, a self-portrait drawing and quotes which discuss queer identity, authenticity, homophobia and pride.

Design: Danielle Pocock
Printer: Blurb

At Water's Edge by Paul Blackmore

At Water's Edge explores the relationship between humanity and its most vital natural resource. This extraordinary body of work “ spanning 11 years and 14 countries “ provides a global look at how water flows through the spiritual and physical daily lives of people around the world. The photographs poignantly illustrate the unfolding drama of the global water crisis and how it is affecting those caught up in it: a billion people without access to clean water, another four billion without an adequate supply. Against this dire backdrop, the work also celebrates the quiet, yet essential connection with nature that water offers us.

Design: Sharon Little
Retouching: Ghinny Lau
Publisher: T&G Publishing

Landscape Photoboook of the Year 2013
Sicilia by Robert Cameriere

This project was born in Melbourne Australia in June 2006 after meeting the young Sicilian filmmaker Luca Vullo. Despite being raised at opposite ends of the world, we quickly discovered how instantly our roots and heritage connected us. We talked of our love of Sicily, and discussed the ideas of how we could visually communicate our take on the real Sicily. In this body of work you will find a little about who I am and where I come from. My intention was to capture the essence of Sicily. It has been a journey in which I saw the real Sicily first hand with my own eyes, without the 'where to guide'. It has been an emotional voyage of self-discovery that has reinforced my love and connection too this very special place.

Retouching: Robert Cameriere
Design: Glace Graphic Design

52 Suburbs by Louise Hawson

When Louise Hawson realised she was a stranger in her own city, she set herself a mission “ to explore and photograph one new Sydney suburb a week for a year. Originally presented as a weekly blog that developed a strong following among Sydneysiders as well as fans from across the world, 52 Suburbs reveals the Sydney beyond the postcard cliches of harbour and beaches “places most tourists would never think to explore. Inspirational, adventurous and eye-opening, it captures the beauty of the burbs often contrasting the faded beauty of the built environment with the vibrancy of multicultural communities in a refreshingly unconventional way.     

Design: Di Quick
Publisher: UNSW Press Ltd

Black Ribbon And The Colour of Prayer
by Peter Eastway

A collection of 108 images taken in Bhutan in late 2012. The number 108 has religious significance in Buddhist Bhutan.

The images are in approximate chronological order and the book is designed as a visual diary of the journey.

Design:  Peter Eastway
Printer: Momento Pro

Transcending Words by Everlook Photography

A inspirational book filled with images from our travels around the world, complimented by quotes from famous figures. 

The final product is intended as a large coffee-table-styled book.

Design: Marianne Lim
Retouching: Everlook Photography
Printer: Momento Pro

Oman - Under The Arabian Sun by Sarah Jenkins


The Sultanate of Oman is a country in The Arabian Gulf yet to fully embrace the modern world like its neighbour Dubai. During my few days in this mystical land, I experienced a taste of traditional Arabia, past and present around Muscat, Sharqiya and Al Dakhiliyah regions, where white-robed Omani men - young and old - saunter under cobalt blue skies; where old-world culture and desert villages that have existed for hundreds of years shimmer under the intense heat of the Arabian sun.

Design: Sarah Jenkins
Printer: Momento Pro

Chasing Tjanongombe by Ben McRae

Chasing Tjanongombe is a book that documents our time with one Himba family in northern Namibia. The book is a culmination of 5 years of travels to the area which saw us be totally immersed in the Himba culture and to experience many different facets of their lives and culture. The narrative and images explores the way in which the Himba balance traditional village life, their beliefs with an ever encroaching western beliefs and medicine that dictates how the villages chief (Tjanongombe) is treated in his battle with cancer.

Design: Ben McRae
Printer: Momento Pro

Near Death + Imagined Landscape by Peter Whyte

Near Death investigates the structural beauty of dying botanical specimens. These objects are very familiar to the point of iconic in their living state. But as death nears, their structural complexity and beauty is accentuated.

Imagined Landscapes explores further the notion of landscape. I attempt to create landscapes in my studio, manipulating my palette of variables - light, shadow, form. While these 'Imagined Landscapes' are devoid of specific place, they possess the familiarity and soul of somewhere I feel I have been.

Text: Ashley Crawford
Printer: Blurb


Moshe Rosenzveig of Head On Photography Festival
Mark Gowing of Mark Gowing Designs
Paulina de Laveaux of Thames & Hudson
Urs Buhlman of Bear Stock
Kim Hungerford of Kinokuniya Books
Louisa Kirby of Fairfax Clique

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