ANZ Photobook Award


Photo Book Resources

The following list links out to The Momentum, a blog curated by Momento Pro. The information focuses on photo books and creators in Australia and New Zealand, in the context of the international photo book scene.



  1. The ultimate list of photo book awards 

  2. Antipodean photo books acquired by Tate 

  3. Five publishing success stories from 2019

  4. The rise of New Zealand photobooks 

  5. #photobookjousting at PhotobookNZ

  6. Homage to Harvey Benge (1944 – 2019) 

How to

  1. How to self publish a photo book in the Antipodes (written guide)
  2. How to self publish a photo book in the Antipodes (webinar video)

  3. Photo book design tips from design experts

  4. How to set up a photo book crowdfunding campaign 

  5. Self publishing and crowdfunding a photo book

  6. How to win a photo book award: judge’s enlightenment

  7. ​How to score a photo book publishing deal

Case Studies

  1. Second Sight & Pelci Manor by Sarah J. Walker

  2. Permission to Belong by Tammy Law

  3. A Sun Dance In Sandringham by Solomon Mortimer

  4. Intuitive Eating by Jana Brunclikova

  5. Loud & Luminous 2019

  6. Lost But Found by Peter Sharp

  7. The Middle of Somewhere by Sam Harris

  8. Interview With A Cockatoo (Or Two) by Leila Jeffreys